Tonglen Practice for Health Issues

Tonglen Practice for Health Issues

Date of Advice:
June 2018
Date Posted:
May 2019

A student was having many health issues, including heart arrythmia, anxiety and panic attacks, fatigue, stomach problems and dizziness. This prevented the student from doing nyung näs. Doctors could not find any problem. Rinpoche checked extensively and gave this advice.

  1. White Umbrella prayer: to be recited four times. (Rinpoche will do this for you.)
  2. You need to request Geshe-la to do druk chu ma puja three times.

You also need to do tonglen practice and recite:

By my experiencing this sickness, may all mother sentient beings be immediately free from all the disease, negative karmas and defilements.

Keep on reciting that, in the same way that you recite OM MANI PADME HUM, doing like a mala of this verse.

Think the root of samsara, the great enemy—the ignorance holding the I as real, and the self-cherishing thought—is totally eliminated.

I am also making prayers for you.

With much love and prayers ...